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printing process

For shrink sleeves just the way you want them, it has to be Color Craft Flexible Packaging

Exploring the Opportunity

Whether you are just starting a business or launching a new item–our team is here to help

Designing the Perfect Solution

From one-of-a-kind prototypes to full commercial products, see your product as it will appear on store shelves

Delivering, Supporting, and Servicing

Color Craft is here to help you maximize your business potential


Shrink Sleeve & Tamper Evident Specialist.

For shrink sleeves just the way you want them, it has to be Color Craft Flexible Packaging. With over 30 years of industry experience, we've developed an enviable reputation for our shrink sleeve solutions.







cans going through packaging line

Packaging Solutions

shrink sleeve on can

Printed Shrink Sleeves

Get your product noticed. For immeasurable shelf presence in coolers, on shelves, kiosk or end-aisle displays, printed sleeves allow a comprehensive and total marketing and packaging solution.‍

preform band around lid of jar

Preform Bands

Preformed bands provide a secure, tamper-evident seal that easily molds around your products. Applied manually, preforms are pre-molded to the specific shape of your container to form a "lip" and "skirt", making placement on your product  efficient.

multi-pack shrink sleeve covering four bottles


Whether providing tamper-evidence bundling, product promotion, or protection, our customizable multi-packs will deliver. Available in clear or fully-printed with rotogravure or flexographic technology in up to 10 colors.

neck band around sauce bottle

Neck Bands

Mono-axially oriented heat shrinkable film used in packaging and labeling available in several grades of PVC as well at PET providing excellent printability and shrink ability and is suitable for full body labels, tamper-evident bands, and cap seals.‍

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